Software development methodology


Our approach to ensure appropriate methodology adoption emanates from a collaborative relationship with clients. OpusVL employs a blend of development methodologies. The structure chosen is dependent on the project and technical requirements but are based on professional proven principles. At the outset of each project, the methodology employed will be tailored to suit the requirements and scale of the project to ensure that is delivered in the most efficient way possible while meeting customer requirements. This is articulated to the customer within the Project Initiation Document (PID).

Requirements Gathering

Scoping is commissioned during stakeholder discussions for the requirements. The output provides immediate, longer term and future development needs. Findings of the requirements also provide further indicative costings, time-scales and road-maps, with a second detailed analysis focussing on detailed technical requirements.

Feasibility Testing

Stakeholders are engaged with specification revisions until the business analyst and user requirements are aligned. In terms of an application, data is used at various stages to ensure outputs are as expected. During the build process, the application is staged adjacent to an existing system to ensure uniformity of results. Live migrated data is deployed to the new application where possible to fully test and demonstrate the outcomes.

Development Work

With technical architecture designed and articulated through development teams, re-use of existing libraries and OSS components are adopted. Non-existing components are developed in house. The technical specification of the application throughout the life-cycle of the project is maintained with business process analysis at a unit and code level. Creation and validation of test procedures are automated. Developed layers of the system include information schema, business and presentation logic layers. Third party CAP integration through API can be undertaken. The design and packaging of modules to enable modular adoption create a predictable conclusion.

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