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One of the problems facing businesses today is future proofing the technology they procure. One of the beauties of Open Source is the very nature that it is future proof.

We at OpusVL, recognised this when we started many years ago. The capital expenditure on hardware and software is an ever increasing vicious circle that many businesses find hard to break. We have developed the following products and solutions to offer a real alternative for those many businesses who have identified a need for high-value, low-cost solutions:.

Odoo (formerly OpenERP)

CRM, sales management, manufacturing modules, email campaigns, with more than 200 modules available, we can offer support and customisation of any of these solutions. If required functionality cannot be found 'off the shelf', we can provide the added layer of functionality using our in-house expertise of OpenERP as partners since 2008.


A business application toolkit which enables rapid development of web and business systems that can be customised to meet your requirements. We have invested heavily in our Flexibase product which is the cornerstone of our CMS, Token & loyalty, Vehicle Management Systems & Document Management Systems.


Your private cloud solution enabled across your business where risk of data loss needs to be minimised. The solution is designed and built, hosted, managed and supported by OpusVL. You own the hardware and data, we provide the efficient operation.

Token & loyalty processor

As well as operating one of the UK's largest non-expiry token schemes, our clients are using our token, gift and loyalty schemes to break record sales using technology pioneered at OpusVL.

Each of these products offers a niche solution to particular problems. Often, a combination of these products will provide an effective suite to meet your requirements. Need more info - click on a solution for further details or get in touch.

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