A robust accountancy system is critical to managing business finance. The Odoo Accounting module provides automation, real-time management information and reports from key business areas including invoicing, payments, asset and stock management, eliminating the need for manual reporting and data entry.

Connect with company bank accounts
Accounting - Connect with company bank accounts -
Import your bank statements and reconcile them in just a few clicks. Prepare payment orders based on your supplier invoices and payment terms.
Shared access
Accounting - Shared access -
Share access to your real-time business data and reporting, with your internal team and your external accountants – so everyone is up to speed. Odoo Accounting can be accessed from work, home or on the go as it displays across all modern devices.
Multi level analytics
Accounting - Multi level analytics -
Integrate your analytic accounting operations with timesheets, projects, invoices, expenses, etc. No need to record transactions, all analytic entries are posted automatically following your business rules.
Scale with your organisation
Accounting - Scale with your organisation -
Odoo supports multiple currencies, multiple users with different access rights, multiple companies with real time consolidation and unlimited analytic plans.
Integrate with sales and purchasing
Accounting - Integrate with sales and purchasing -
Automatically create invoices from sales orders, delivery orders or base them on time and material. Re-invoice expenses on projects to your customer in just a few clicks.
Dashboard & KPIs
Accounting - Dashboard & KPIs -
Get direct access to key information with dynamic and customisable dashboards. Analyse your financial activities with the drill-up, drill-down, drill-across and filter features.

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