The Odoo Human Resources (HR) module provides a clear and concise overview of all employees and related information. This integrates with other Odoo applications such as accounting and expenses, to greatly reduce the time spent re-entering existing data, so that managers can focus delivering value, rather than on tasks that can be automated.

Manage employee expenses
Human Resources - Manage employee expenses -
Access expenses requests from staff and validate with a single click. This can be analysed to give an overview of individual and team expenses to ensure you stay within budget. Automatically record expenses and integrate with the accounting module for reduced data entry.
Streamline your recruitment process
Human Resources - Streamline your recruitment process -
Post job offers and keep track of each application received. Follow applicants  with your own  recruitment process. CV’s are indexed automatically, allowing you to easily find specific profiles and reducing time spent searching for data.
Track time and attendance
Human Resources - Track time and attendance -
Keep track of the time employees spend on a specific project, client or task. This will even carry the information into your analytic accounting based on time spent on your projects and enables easy reporting functionality
Enhance internal communication
Human Resources - Enhance internal communication -
Share knowledge and best practice guidelines with employees. Join groups or follow specific people to enhance communication within, and across your company departments. Follow new opportunities or remain up to date on company news.
Leave management
Human Resources - Leave management -
Employees can submit requests for leave by entering request forms (paid holidays, sick leave, etc.) Managers can approve and validate with clear visibility of other absences planned, so that departments can adhere to minimum staffing levels.
Manage regular appraisals
Human Resources - Manage regular appraisals - Keeping communications open
Keeping communications open
Set-up appraisals plans and/or surveys for your employees and watch their evolution. Define steps for interviews and Odoo will notify managers or subordinates automatically to prepare appraisals. Keep track of the progress of your staff periodically.
Manage your employees
Human Resources - Manage your employees -
View all relevant information concerning each employee from a central point of data including contact information and appraisal notifications.. Have the ability to view the information anytime, from any modern devices and set-up access permissions for HR managers and personnel as required.

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