Since 1999, we’ve helped organisations get the business management software they were looking for (but just couldn’t seem to find).

We’ve guided people through the adventure of making the impossible possible. And we’ve consistently delivered effective, impactful technology that automates the mundane and frees your people up.

We’re a multi-disciplined team of developers, people-people, and project management experts. But, above all else, we’re proud to be a team that our clients can trust to get the software - and, in turn, the results - that they need.


We only do successful projects. The combination of two decades of experience, a pasionate team and a commitment to quality in every line of code means our clients walk away happy with their decision to partner with us.


Just like the bespoke solutions we build, our people are unique. An eclectic team of tech experts, business brains, and people-people alike. Whatever you need, the right person is only a call away.


We recognise that people come to us with complex needs, which can make the process of implementing software seem daunting. We help guide you through every stage of a project.


Our Open Source values run far deeper than just our code. Our open, upfront, transparent approach is at the heart of our culture. No confusing jargon. No suprises.


We don't belive in innovation for innovation's sake. We combine our technical expertise with a distinctly business mindset, always focused on the end result.

From accounting to workflow to process improvement, our experience goes far beyond technology. So you get a level of impact that goes right across your business.


Every one of our projects solves a practical problem, resulting in real changes to our customers organisation. We dont just think in terms of what software can do, we think in terms of what you and your people can do with it.

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