OpusVL – A bit of history

OpusVL was founded by Stuart J Mackintosh in 1999 and is a UK based software and systems development house, which has specialised in Open Source Solutions from the outset to address the needs of our clients’ business systems and ICT.

Established in 1999, OpusVL has grown from a team of 3 to over 25 creative and talented individuals, enabling compound growth in excess of 30% over recent years which is an indication of the significant growth and success of our implementation of Open Source components. Our continued growth emanates from continuous re-investment into our product range, knowledge of market and solutions, developers skills and commitment. This level of re-investment has supported OpusVL to deliver professional world-class business solutions.

With a solid track record of successfully delivering unique projects across diverse industries, we demonstrate our ability to provide solutions which are not only cost effective, but beyond the scope of our competitors’ skill sets. Clients across all industries – in both public and private sectors – are realising the many strengths of unencumbered Open Source Software, with its obvious vendor-free cost savings, flexibility, low maintenance and simple implementation.

Our key strength is our straightforward, flexible, innovative approach, following simple yet effective management methods for every project. With the expert assistance of a team of talented and creative people including technical architects and project managers, clients benefit from OpusVL’s astute acumen in many aspects of business systems and ICT through Open Source. This approach breeds strong and loyal partnerships with clients which results in good value for all parties.

With more than a decade’s experience in scoping and delivering tailored solutions that now cross into international boundaries including some of the largest Open Source projects within their categories, we understand that functionality, efficiency and ROI is vital when approaching any project. Our team of project managers and developers are experts in analysing, developing and implementing software that matches the needs of our clients’ specific requirements, allocating necessary time and resources through in-depth analysis and scoping, and anchoring milestones where required for frequent customer review.

Irrespective of industry, the majority of businesses’ critical processes that provide the foundations for successful trading remain unchanged – i.e. accounting, stock management, HR and reporting methods – and this functionality has become a critical factor in determining the success or failure of businesses in modern society.