Build the right thing, and build it right

  • Best-in-class Open Source software with bespoke development to meet your exact need
  • Integrations to work with existing systems and APIs
  • Dedicated Project Owner - single point of contact to manage your delivery
  • UK-based specialist development teams
  • Reliable and tested production control process

Built with deployment in mind.

By leveraging Free and Open Source (FOSS) tools, frameworks, and modules, we find that around 80% of a typical system has already been written, significantly reducing development and testing time.

As experts in the industry, we have selected the optimum FOSS components providing a full suite of standard business functions, which can then be customised to handle your unique processes and requirements.

Through bespoke development we can integrate with your existing systems, third-party APIs, delivering a 'joined-up' system which works with your business.

Our delivery and production control process has been refined over the past 20 years giving a consistently high level of quality, and is considered to be industry best practice.

Project Owners are responsible for the communications and delivery of your project, providing a single point of contact and ensuring the project has a successful outcome. Specialist teams, all based in the UK, provide shared coverage of important subject matter and expertise. Automated testing (test-driven development) and human 'fit for purpose' testing are employed to make sure that the system operates as intended and continues to do so even when further developed.

Built with deployment in mind.