Following an expansion in our customer projects we're now looking for an experienced software developer to join our technical team.

In this role you'll be working mainly in Python and JavaScript, using the Odoo framework. If you've got Python experience that's great, however we recognise that the best programmers are those who truly understand the craft of software development, not just the syntax of a particular language. If you can write great pseudo code that shows you understand how to find technical solutions to hard problems, we'd love to hear from you.

Whatever language you currently code in, we'd expect you to know how to use an ORM, understand object oriented programming and design, be comfortable with test driven development, and have experience of using source control.

It would be ideal if you could give us some examples of software you've developed, such as any open source contributions, videos or on-line documentation you've made, or your GitHub profile. As a team of multiple developers, it's very important that code you write is easy for others to read and extend.

We operate test-driven development, code to proper specifications, and keep up to date with technology. Developers are the most important part of our business - without a great technical delivery team, we would not be able to handle the complex and varied challenges; with the right people we know that if it is possible, we can make it happen.

Key skills

  • Experienced software developer
  • Team working with other developers
  • Eager to learn new skills and technologies
  • Able to create secure and maintainable code
  • Experience using an ORM
  • Managing source control
  • Test driven development

Working at OpusVL

At OpusVL we strive to provide a relaxed, highly supportive working environment.

We understand that to be creative and provide high quality code, our developers need to build a comfortable environment that suits them individually and the company supports this as much as possible. All developers get dual-head workstations (running Mint, Ubuntu and other Linux flavours) as standard, with a budget for peripherals of your choice.

We'll support your training and development, and give you paid time to attend conferences and other events relevant to your role.

The OpusVL office is in a convenient location right in the centre of Rugby, about two minutes walk from the shops, cafes and coffee shops. There's no dress code for technical people and working hours are flexible.

So if you want to make a difference, and support Open Source while working on interesting projects then we'd love to hear from you!

To apply, please send your CV to

We do not use or accept offers from agencies.