Digital platforms that scale with your needs

  • Application packaging for effective deployment and scaling
  • Flexible hosting: cloud; on-premise; or with a provider of your choice
  • Implementation of high availability solutions
  • High-grade security and encryption
  • Monitoring, audit and performance management

Deployed with support and maintenance in mind.

An application is no use if it cannot be accessed or runs slowly, so the choice of digital platform is crucial in delivering a business critical system.

We can work with cloud, on-premise, third-party providers, or can supply hosting environments ourselves. Portable application packaging enables multiple hosting providers to be used.

Our platforms are 'locked-down' as standard with multiple security features. We work with external agencies for auditing and penetration testing to validate our security measures.

For mass-scale implementations, we provide multi-site and high availability services with CDN integration, load balancing, and scalability. We manage peripheral services such as email relay and DNS , and install monitoring, audit, and performance management tools to predict issues and reduce disruption to service.

Deployed with support and maintenance in mind.