A great product starts with a great design. And a great design starts with a thorough understanding of your needs, motivations, and business goals.

We follow the 'Design Thinking Process' - starting with a workshop to explore and help you to understand your own business better.

From this we map the process and data flows and apply strategic thinking to determine where automation and efficiency gains can be made.

We then produce a business requirements document to ensure we have a shared understanding of the new system's scope, with inputs, outputs, and processes clearly defined.

Discovery with design in mind.


With the vision and scope agreed, our team of architects will design a solution that fits.

We go deeper into your processes to determine the optimum UX, creating visual mockups so you can see how everything will work together, whilst also balancing requirements and cost.

Other factors we consider at the design stage include security, compliance, performance metrics, disaster recovery, and business continuity. All of these go towards a blueprint and roadmap for your system to be built.

Designed with build in mind.


By leveraging Free and Open Source (FOSS) tools, frameworks, and modules, we find that around 80% of a typical system has already been written, significantly reducing development and testing time.

As experts in the industry, we have selected the optimum FOSS components providing a full suite of standard business functions, which can then be customised to handle your unique processes and requirements.

Through bespoke development we can integrate with your existing systems, third-party APIs, delivering a 'joined-up' system which works with your business.

Our delivery and production control process has been refined over the past 20 years giving a consistently high level of quality, and is considered to be industry best practice.

Designed with deployment in mind.


An application is no use if it cannot be accessed or runs slowly, so the choice of digital platform is crucial in delivering a business critical system.

We can work with cloud, on-premise, third-party providers, or can supply hosting environments ourselves.

Our platforms are fully managed and 'locked-down' as standard with multiple security features.

For mass-scale implementations, we provide multi-site and high availability services with CDN integration, load balancing, and scalability.

Deployed with support and maintenance in mind.


The end of a development project is the start of operations. We're here to support your 'business as usual' activities for the long term, keeping your critical systems working and fault free.

An inbound project support handover ensures that the service is ready for operations and has documentation and maintenance processes in place.

Our online support tracker keeps logs of all activity and communication to make sure that all incidents are managed to a conclusion.

Pro-active monitoring ensures we’re aware of issues before they become a problem, through system log management, performance monitoring and predictive alerts. We also perform regular testing activities such as Disaster Recovery (DR) simulations to validate the integrity of your data backups and DR processes.

Supported with your operations in mind.