Imagine being able to track your marketing and lead generation activity all the way through the business, from initial engagement right through to the profitability of the sale.

That level of insight would mean you could cut out spend that isn't having the right impact. You could experiment with confidence, knowing precisely which activities were producing results.

The promise of digital marketing has always been one of measurement. And your marketing team will have a lot of dashboards; web analytics, social media engagement, and so on.

But to get the complete feedback loop to work, we need to measure what the business cares about - sales and profit - and link those outcomes back to our marketing activity and customer behaviour.

The difficulty is that customers naturally interact with us in different ways. A sale may start with a search on an online marketplace, leading to a website visit, a phone call, and finally a visit to the showroom. Joining these touchpoints up is hard because each channel identifies the customer in a different way.

So we need to be creative in how we make connections.

Then the back-end of your business, the DMS, needs to bring everything together. Integrating marketing with the end to end customer journey and the financial analysis of the sale.

The result is a business focused approach to digital marketing. No fluffy "vanity metrics", just objective, actionable insights to maximise your ROI.