We've researched and tested the performance of a range of Odoo deployments to calculate the base system requirements for different types of Odoo installation.

In this report we present our recommendations for optimising infrastructure and storage performance based on your Odoo usage profile.

Key takeaways from the report

1. The answer to improving Odoo performance is much more complex than "just put it in the cloud".

To get optimal performance you need to consider your workload and plan infrastructure accordingly.

2. We have defined three different usage profiles based on typical operational metrics.

Each usage profile maps against an infrastructure profile, for which we provide a detailed technical specification.

3. Odoo is particularly sensitive to storage performance.

  • We have measured and ranked the performance of different cloud and local storage types, which are classified from levels A to D
  • From this classification we can match the storage profile you need to support your usage profile

4. Linux systems can be tuned for different types of workload using system configuration (kernel) parameters.

  • The default is for a "general" balanced workload
  • Parameters can be tuned to optimise for a specific server workload like Odoo
  • A scientific approach of "measure, change one parameter, measure again" should be followed

Download the full report below: