Working in both clinical and non-clinical domains, we offer a collaborative, end-to-end process to implement easy-to-use, interconnected healthcare systems, whilst also leading the Innovate UK funded DITO (Develop In The Open) project to develop best practice processes for digital healthcare technology.

Our approach

The Open Digital Approach is an emerging model of software delivery that gives NHS organisations true independence from incumbent suppliers and offers autonomy over their digital systems.

Underpinned by the use of open source software, partnerships, and collaboration, this approach enables customisation and control and eliminates vendor lock-in. It not only gives NHS Trusts the tools, but also, more importantly, the freedom, to innovate as their needs change.

By using the Open Digital Approach, NHS Trusts can benefit from:

  • Adopting proven technology built around industry best practices
  • The ability to customise to meet specific needs
  • Seamless integration with existing systems / environment
  • A professional implementation
  • Establishing a close working partnership where their needs come first

Instead of a single vendor defining the roadmap, control is placed in the hands of health and care organisations. NHS stakeholders are empowered to innovate and share best practice, while also enabling independent assurance of quality and standards.

Success stories

The Open Digital Approach has enabled us to deliver mission-critical systems to The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. For NHS Digital, we applied this approach and automated billing of over £100m per year.

"At it's heart the NHS is an altruistic entity that democratises healthcare for all, and one can see these core principles mirrored in the Open Source approach to delivering technology solutions"

Patrick Highland, Finance Manager - Systems & Reporting
The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

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