Do you have a digital healthcare vision? Our Open Digital Innovation Lab can turn your concept into reality.

Using existing and proven Open Source software components, combined with custom development and a collaborative approach, we have delivered pilot projects and production systems to forward-thinking NHS Trusts.

"It was great working with OpusVL. We had a hands-on approach from all levels of the business, from the developers right through to the CEO. It was a highly personal service, advice was readily given, and our views heard. It was clear there was a greater determination for success for the project and the value of open source, rather than just financial incentives for OpusVL."

Stephen Docherty, Chief Information Officer
South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Bring us your big idea

The first step is to pick up the phone and talk to us about your concept. There's no obligation or commitment, we'll just listen to your ideas and discuss them. We can also look for opportunities to partner with other Trusts - pooling investment and skills to run a joint pilot or study.

Then, we'll document your objectives and work together with you to produce a detailed plan for delivery.

The process

An R&D innovation project is about working in partnership to develop something that meets your requirements and is capable of being deployed into a live environment, under your control with unencumbered usage.

Using the Open Digital Approach, a typical project will develop as follows:

  • Partnership and collaboration with you and your team
  • A roadmap to plan feature delivery over time
  • Pilot deployment and evaluation
  • Clinical and technical community engagement
  • Validation that governance and compliance needs are met
  • Transition to production use with service management package
  • Perpetual and unencumbered use of all developed software, with code released under an open source license

Service management and support

Partnering on an R&D project through the Open Digital Approach enables close engagement for the full life cycle from concept to production.

When the pilot phase is completed and the system becomes ready for a wider rollout, we create an implementation plan. This covers integration, training, governance - all the aspects needed to successfully embed it into your organisation without disrupting critical services.

After implementation, we provide a full package of service management, where our support team will be on hand to keep operations running smoothly.

Additionally, the open approach means that a project can be continually improved on, even after deployment, to ensure that the stakeholders are seeing full value from their investment and the technology continues to mature.

Developing your way

The Open Digital Approach eliminates vendor lock-in, works with your current systems and builds on proven technology to bring your digital ambitions to life.


With total autonomy over your R&D project, you get to decide on the development roadmap, establish what you'll need to deliver success and have full ownership of everything produced along the way.


Designed with interoperability in mind. Projects we develop play well with your exisiting digital systems, supporting open standards and protocols like OpenEHR, Peppol, and FHIR.


Building on proven open source components with prior use in the health and care sector reduces risk and speeds up the timescale for delivery, as well as enabling the opportunity for iterative improvements further down the line.

Experience and expertise

Through our previous R&D experience within the healthcare sector, your project will be boosted by a deep understanding of the factors that help deliver success.

Though no two projects are the same, knowledge of how software is deployed in the NHS and first-hand experience of collaborating with sector partners informs our approach to adapt to any digital healthcare challenge.

Whether developing for clinical use, such as the Open eReact patient observation app or for non-clinical operations like an ERP system or invoicing solution, each R&D project is tailor-made to meet your needs, with a focus on best-practice healthcare technology delivery.

Take the first step

By bringing your R&D project to our Open Digital Innovation Lab, we can partner with you and your organisation to develop something that has a lasting impact on healthcare, whether clinical or non-clinical.

We've done it with the GPIT Futures Programme for NHS Digital, with South London and Maudsley and Royal Marsden NHS Trusts, and we're currently developing Care Precision, an observation and monitoring solution for social care. Now let's work with you, delivering cutting-edge technology to the healthcare industry together.

Call us on 01788 298 450 or email and let's turn your concept into reality.