We are working with schools and further education establishments to deliver real cost-effective, high-value ICT solutions that are designed to fulfil the specific needs of the education sector.

Our in-house expertise has brought about real and measurable savings in excess of 30% when compared to encumbant legacy providers.

How do we achieve this? By using license free software through the many secure and trusted Open Source applications coupled with our in-house existing libraries suited to your learning, administration and social needs. Cost savings and addition of value is delivered with the re-use of your existing investments coupled with our Open ways of working.

We focused on the following areas within this sector:

  • Wireless access network points
  • License free modular systems independent to remainder of network
  • Integrated real-time log-in using current pupil details
  • Authentication control and content filtering on exceptions not rules
  • Priority curriculum network over pupil network
  • Leveraging existing hardware and re-use investments


  • Raspberry PI and Arduino programming consultancy
  • Training programs on use of Sketch as an Arduino interface
  • Assistance with lesson plans using programming and hardware
  • Training or assistance with Open Source programming languages
  • Server and virtualisation
  • Sourcing and procurement of the best hardware for the solution
  • Design and delivery of license free virtualised platforms
  • Re-use of existing hardware where possible
  • Customised system for your needs


  • Design and delivery of pupil access with personalised dashboard
  • Technical assistance with programming
  • Document and content management systems
  • Troubleshooting areas of expertise within current systems


  • Static or fully dynamic websites with any level of functionality
  • Graphics and design approved to your needs
  • Hosting at our secure data centre
  • Future options - with RSS, social and security adaptability

Content Management Systems

  • Fully audit-able content and document management
  • Suitable for use by staff with student access through permissions
  • Leverage existing OpusVL libraries to suit our needs
  • Fully customisable dashboard to your branding
  • An extended library of modules available for increased functionality