Joined-up applications for the retail indsutry

Tokens & loyalty

Fully tailored and integrated loyalty, token or gift management applications are of great benefit to the retail and hospitality sectors enables you to maximise your full potential. From small retailers to large national outlets, the offering of a loyalty or gift scheme provides you with the tools to show your customers you really care.

Based on your choice of either points based loyalty, gift cards or e-vouchers, any additional infrastructure that is required will be evaluated and advised accordingly whether it is mobile applications or hand held bar-code scanners.


Real-time and automated order management and self-service portals to connect customers with back-end technology. Designed with security and compliance in mind from the outset.

Value-add manufacturing & assembly

Do you assemble and resale or wholesale goods? Our integrated stock management can help mange stock, re-ordering and production using bill of materials and integrated purchasing.

Working closely with your business, we can determine the requirements for implementation of a reward system suitable to your budget. After an initial consultation period, we offer a cost-effective solution, based on the outcome of our consultation and implement the technology to work for you.

Most retailers have internet connectivity which opens the possibility to use hosted or locally installed solutions.

To discover what is possible, feel free to give us a call and explore the opportunities of making technology work for your business.