Have you experienced a failed project? Perhaps you have implemented technology only to find it does not meet your needs. Or maybe you have realised that your active software project is not going according to plan.

Projects may fail for many reasons, but the earlier this can be identified, the better. The good news is- when the need to recover a project is detected early enough, most are successfully turned around. If you find the project has been completed and delivered but it does not work as it should then this can bring significant operational and resource cost to your organisation.

We understand that it is all too easy to get caught up in the challenges and issues affecting a project and this can cloud progression. A fresh set of eyes with the ability to cover all angles can provide a frank, candid and objective appraisal of the situation and offer a new perspective.

Software project recovery team at OpusVL

Our broad set of technical and business resources can be leveraged to compliment your team or to deliver your project. Our no-blame, no-politics culture will help bring your team together and determine the strategy to move forward in partnership to achieve a common goal.

To start on the path to project turnaround, the following steps are taken;

• Engage all stakeholders and establish channels of communication
• Clarify the outcomes- what is the project trying to achieve
• Work out where you are today
• Root cause analysis
• Understand the resources and capabilities available to yourself
• Consider time and budgetary constraints
• Determine the impact on delivery features or time-scales

Once the gaps have been identified, it is time to design a roadmap and focus efforts on moving forward in a positive frame of mind. You may opt for our analysis and workshops, or you may wish to engage us to manage the full project life cycle from design, through build, implement and support.

Our talented team of business and technical specialists are able to cover all your needs with an Open Source library of tools and bespoke development where needed. We excel at meeting complex and specific project requirements where others could not.

Speak to us today about how we ensure successful outcomes for all of our customers.