EHRTap provides a migration path to consolidate clinical data in OpenEHR while preserving existing interfaces.

Many health and care application store their clinical data in individual repositories. This presents significant challenges when trying to aggregate, analyse, and present this information.

Using EHRTap sidesteps these silos, easily connecting into relevant health and care applications and their databases.

Your existing healthcare applications and tools can now securely feed structured and semantic clinical data into an OpenEHR CDR (Clinical Data Repository), without interfering with business-as-usual operations.


Data flow

EHRTap uses a variety of technologies, including Object-Relational Mapping (ORM), database replication and proxying, ETL and APIs to connect to healthcare applications and systems.

Data is captured in real-time as applications are used, whilst operating outside of critical data paths to ensure users have no changes to their interfaces or procedures.


OpusVL provide a full suite of EHRTap implementation services, including;

  • Analysis and service design
  • Configuration, customisation, and development
  • Integration with third-party services, applications, and data sources
  • Security and identity management
  • Digital infrastructure
  • Support and maintenance

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