Business management software building blocks

Flexibase is a set of powerful Open Source software modules which can be used to construct business applications to meet your needs. Using contemporary interfaces, integration and connection with external systems and data providers becomes straightforward, giving you a real-time view of your data. Solutions can be rapidly developed and deployed into your business, enabling you to quickly take advantage of streamlined processes and any gaps bridged.

Managing your custom processes

Every business has its own specific processes in place to deliver its USPs. Automating these activities will enable reliable delivery, greater volume and better controls by repeating a finely tuned process. However, your unique processes may not be served by off-the-shelf software.

Flexibase can be moulded around your specific complex requirements by bringing together modules from an extensive library of pre-built and pre-tested components.

With Flexibase, your process can be delivered with a single press of an application wizard. The detail will run behind the scenes based on the pre-determined design, ensuring that best practice is maintained. The modular architecture will grow and evolve along with your processes and business.

Implementing in to your organisation

OpusVL’s team has been installing critical business systems across a diverse range of sectors since the 1990s. When we start work on your project, our first aim is to determine and understand your requirements, which provides a baseline to test against at the end of the project. Our specialist team will manage the full life-cycle of the project including project management, data migration, customisation and development.

Flexibase has been penetration tested to the limits by NCC – one of the world’s leading security testing companies, which is CHECK, CREST and PCI Accredited, utilising ISO9000 and ISO27001 systems.

The Flexibase website can be found here.