OpusVL MicroCloud

The OpusVL MicroCloud is based on two decades of industry experience deploying critical business infrastructure. MicroCloud delivers all the benefits of cloud technology, but without the downsides, such as lack of ownership, restrictions to data access and back-up.

The MicroCloud delivers full ownership with unrestricted physical and logical access to your business data, and a back-up solution that you can understand and control.

MicroCloud can also work in harmony with your existing cloud and legacy systems offering robust security and flexibility. With options of additional MicroCloud units connected at multiple locations extending your business capability even further, business continuity and disaster recovery offer complete peace of mind. Key Benefits

  • Pre-configured Enterprise Network 'in a box'
  • Enables re-use of existing investments
  • Offers low cost and low impact implementation strategy
  • Fully clustered as standard
  • Rapid deployment through use of existing OpusVL libraries
  • Offers new infrastructure, or compliment your existing system
  • Green credentials of reduced power and cooling consumption
  • License free open-source solution


OpusVL can deliver installation, hosting and hardware procurement where needed. Most existing legacy systems can be migrated into MicroCloud. With accurate planning and excellent skills, OpusVL can manage your migration with minimal impact to your business.