The Odoo CRM module provides a central point of data for all customer and supplier information, reducing the time spent searching for contact information and eliminating the need for repetitive data entry. This seamlessly integrates with other Odoo modules and frees up staff to focus on building your customer base.

Communication made easy

Customer Relationship Management - Communication made easy

The CRM enables you to send emails directly to your contacts via the ERP, keeping a record of all communications for monitoring and information sharing purposes. Internal notes can be logged where needed to provide key information to other members of your team.

Keep track of activity

Customer Relationship Management - Keep track of activity

Schedule meetings from individual customer pages and log inbound calls on the fly, or set-up an alert for next call date. View sales, opportunities or issues which relate to the customer directly from their contact profile.

Reduce your data entry

Customer Relationship Management - Reduce your data entry

With Odoo's CRM module, once you input customer information, this will be carried through from a lead, to a sales opportunity, quotation, sales order, invoice and even into your accounting module. This is completely joined up so staff can focus on their customers, not on data entry.

Integrate with your emails

Customer Relationship Management - Integrate with your emails

Route, sort and filter all incoming emails automatically so that they are allocated to the right opportunity, enabling clear visibility of correspondence.

Simple Import/ Export

Customer Relationship Management - Simple Import/ Export

Import new data lists or integrate your social network contacts. You can also export data, and save your chosen fields for the next export, so that you can access the data in a spreadsheet format in a matter of seconds.

Customise your sales cycle

It fits your sales approach

Customer Relationship Management - Customise your sales cycle - It fits your sales approach

Customise your sales cycle by configuring sales stages that perfectly fit your sales approach. Control statistics to get accurate forecasts and improve your sales performance at every stage of the sales process.