A great MRP will work seamlessly across your core departments to enable the company to have real time visibility and reporting of what they have, what they need, and when they need it. At the centre of manufacturing is a good MRP and PLM that will give your business repeatable quality. Odoo MRP links to all your other business modules giving you a joined-up system and real-time business intelligence

Product lifecycle management

Manufacturing - Product lifecycle management

PLM will allow you to collect knowledge that can be reused on other projects and to coordinate simultaneous concurrent development of many products. PLM is used to maintain BoM revisions and track product life cycle based on Engineering Change orders.

Full traceability

Manufacturing - Full traceability

Track in detail all stock moves, not only in your warehouse but also within your double entry accounting (customers, suppliers or manufacturing locations). Browse through the upstream or downstream traceability flows to have a clear vision of what happened to a specific product or lot.

Fully integrated with operations

Manufacturing - Fully integrated with operations

Accurate manufacturing resource planning information, integrated with sales, inventory and purchasing modules. An integrated system allows real time accounting and more detailed reporting on costs and revenues on manufacturing operations.

Inventory & manufacturing analytics

Manufacturing - Inventory & manufacturing analytics

Track the evolution of stock value based on the manufacturing consumption through the build process. Use the advanced analytics features to detect any bottlenecks in your resources and inventory locations.

Work Centre Contol Panel

Manufacturing - Work Centre Contol Panel

The work centre control panel is the main user interface for the team. It is designed to work on touch screen and responsive design.

Automatic manufacturing orders

Manufacturing - Automatic manufacturing orders

Manufacturing orders and work orders can be scheduled automatically based on your procurement rules, quantities forecasted and demand requirements. This automatically updates your stock levels