The Odoo project management module provides a simple solution to organise a project and keep track of progress. This application is designed to be user-friendly, and integrates with other Odoo modules including Sales, Invoicing, Mailing and e-signature, reducing time spent on data entry.

Manage resources

Project Management - Manage resources

Schedule activities, taking into account any planned staff absences and other ongoing projects with easy drag and drop task manager. This feature gives a more accurate and complete deadline for upcoming projects and resources required.

Collaborative writing

Project Management - Collaborative writing

Rather than editing a document, saving it, then someone else doing the same, staff can collaboratively make changes to the same document, at the same time. This streamlines the process of working on content generation and is very efficient for meetings, meeting minutes or complex documents.

Prioritise tasks

Project Management - Prioritise tasks

Receive notifications of changes to any projects you are following so that the whole team remains updated on progress. Colour coding can be used to see what has been done, what is outstanding, and to segment the time critical aspects of a project.

Timesheet and invoice integration

Project Management - Timesheet and invoice integration Integrate this module with timesheets and invoicing to automatically log project work and time spent on specific tasks. This also allows you to accurately invoice customers for time based work through connecting with the Odoo invoicing application.

Communicate with your teams

Project Management - Communicate with your teams The Odoo chatter feature allows individuals to communicate via the ERP and share comments, and documents. This can also be used for direct communication with customers and suppliers.