The Odoo purchasing module enables you to generate and trace orders, throughout the procurement process. This application manages purchases from quotes through to payments to improve your supply chain performance and keep stock at a minimum.

Automated procurement

Purchasing - Automated procurement

Set-up automated procurement and re-ordering rules based on minimum stock levels, logistics rules, sales orders or manufacturing forecasts. Save time by automatically ordering items and configuring these rules around your business and operations.

Manage tenders

Purchasing - Manage tenders

Create tenders and allow suppliers to put forward proposals. This module includes questions and applications submitted by prospective suppliers with clear viability of activity. This feature also offers reporting functionality to analyse the quality of your chosen supplier so that you can instantly evaluate the success of your purchase and access information to make informed future decisions.

Import supplier pricelists

Purchasing - Import supplier pricelists

This feature allows you to import pricelists from your suppliers and make purchasing choices based on prices and any promotions. This integrates with your sales and products lists so you can automatically set your sales pricing based on your supplier price,

Instant purchasing reports

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Instantly access reports on supplier performance including delayed delivery, pricing discounts and purchase history. This allows you to compare and identify the most reliable suppliers.

Integrated Emails

Purchasing - Integrated Emails

Integrate all supplier's communications on the purchase orders (or RfQs) to get a strong traceability on the negotiation or after sales service issues. Use the claim management module to track issues related to suppliers.

Fully Integrated

Purchasing - Fully Integrated

The Odoo purchasing module directly links to other areas of the Odoo ERP including inventory, accounting and invoicing to avoid stock dropping below minimum levels, reduce manual data entry and avoid duplicate records