Our Solutions

If there are gaps between Odoo and your needs, we can easily configure, customise, develop or deploy as required. That’s why our ERP solutions are trusted, delivering real value and benefits for your business. All of our apps work seamlessly together based on our first principal “That we are working from the same datapoint, however you view it”


Using the Odoo settings menu's and configuration tools, many of the standard modules can be set up to meet standard business requirements.


Where there is not a standard option available, the modules can be customised to meet your exact needs.


If there is not a module that covers your business requirement, one can be adapted or created.


The most critical part of your project. We have robust processes to ensure the Odoo system is implemented in to your business successfully.


Choose to install on a cloud based system or data centre, use our facility or install within your own infrastructure, we can work with you to get up and running.


Addressing minor changes or system issues along the way.


Helping you and your colleagues make the most of your business system.

Our Expertise

Complementing our developers, we have professional services and project management to ensure your project meets expectations. Our specialised team at OpusVL can help you in your business requirements, through understanding your needs and deploying the right Odoo apps that will bring your business to your fingertips. OpusVL have been working with Odoo since V3 was released in 2005 and were one of the first UK partners in 2008.

Our Credentials

Open Source ERP systems have been our core product since we started in 2000. To date, OpusVL has delivered one of the largest Odoo integrations in the UK, which demonstrates our enviable track record for delivering Odoo solutions and our customer relationship management capabilities.