Open-eObs is an electronic patient observation system which allows clinicians to record observations of patients using handheld devices. This system then calculates a score, based on National Early Warning Score (NEWS) guidelines which is used to identify and respond to high risk patients.

If these scores hit a threshhold for escalation, it triggers appropriate clinical responses such as automatic alerts sent to specialists or consultants.

The prompt response to clinical change is proven to shorten the length of stay, reduce transfers within the hospitals and to the ICU.

By identifying deteriorating patients and automatically escalating for clinical response, this Open Source and Open Standards platform helps hospitals to raise care standards and deliver on national and local targets for improvements in care quality and patient safety.

The Open-eObs system gives Ward Managers and Bed Managers a view of the workload across their area of responsibility and ensures patient:staff:acuity ratios remain safe by providing the right people on the right ward, at the right time.

Key features:

  • Capturing of vital signs and clinical risk indicators
  • Automated alerts, monitering and scheduling
  • Bedside or community use with mobile devices
  • Observations stored in real time
  • Multi-level access control
  • Open Source and Open Standards
  • Customisable to specific needs and requirements
  • National Early Warning Scores (NEWS)
  • Traffic light system to indicate risk levels
  • Full patient details available with one touch

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