Flexibase Tokens – rich rewards with customer satisfaction...

Customer, client and staff reward schemes are increasingly popular for many businesses looking to re-invigorate relationships. Many organisations are looking to introduce or supplement existing schemes with e-vouchers.

Our Flexibase Token System is designed as a comprehensive, easy-to-use, flexible solution to meet the reward requirement. We know that integration and policing can be an onerous task, often leading to an administrative burden. Reporting is frequently insufficient and obtaining useful data can be expensive and time consuming.

Having worked as technology partners on many complex database projects in the industry, requiring significant data migrations and consolidation of systems and information, we have developed many tools and components to enable us to tailor a system to meet your needs. Our customers experience high availability, rich data and a responsive service when business demands. A simple, fit-for-purpose system drives productivity gains for our customers and satisfaction for theirs.

Systems can be configured to operate a number of schemes including:

  • Fixed, rolling and non-expiring
  • Loyalty
  • Pre-paid
  • Fixed face value
  • Reloadable

These can be provided in any or all of the following formats:

  • Electronic systems including e-vouchers
  • Paper based
  • Plastic gift cards

As a replacement or extension to existing systems, we can enable:

  • Real time sales validation and redemption
  • Bespoke service integrations with any of your existing systems
  • Fulfillment partnerships
  • Full IT management options & services
  • Operator & call centre interfaces
  • IVR (Telephone), SMS (text) and email interfaces
  • Powerful reporting
  • Additional security and fraud management