Our projects start off with a practical problem to be solved, that will deliver real change to our customer's business.

We specialise in helping organisations who have unique requirements and find that an 'off the shelf' ERP or business management system doesn't fit.

Projects and problems we've solved include;

  • Reducing the number of systems employees have to use, cutting down task switching and re-keying of information
  • Hardware and device integration, connecting to external services with APIs
  • Automating accounting postings and enabling more in-depth reporting
  • Streamlining employee workflow with process and UX improvements
  • Joining up website, contact centre, point of sale, and fulfilment centre into a complete omni-channel retail solution
  • Make to order workflow - production management, back-to-back stock ordering, job scheduling

Our technology

We build on proven open source applications and frameworks, developing bespoke customisations to deliver a business system that fits the way you work.

This approach has many benefits;

  • Reduces development time by using standard features where they fit, only customising where you need something bespoke
  • Takes advantage of ongoing development by the open source community
  • No ongoing license fees or per-user costs
  • No vendor lock-in

A selection of our solutions are presented below, all delivered through our tried and tested five stage process.

About the software Odoo is a feature-rich suite of business management software applications. This ERP system is made up of ‘apps’ such as CRM , Manufacturing, Sales, Invoicing and over 10,000 others. All are available at the click of a button and are fully integrated with one another. As the world's fastest growing business management suite wi...
Business management software building blocks Flexibase is a set of powerful Open Source software modules which can be used to construct business applications to meet your needs. Using contemporary interfaces, integration and connection with external systems and data providers becomes straightforward, giving you a real-time view of your data. So...
What is Open-eObs? Open-eObs is an electronic patient observation system which allows clinicians to record observations of patients using hand-held devices. This system then calculates a score, based on National Early Warning Score (NEWS) guidelines which is used to identify and respond to high risk patients. If these scores hit a threshold fo...
Flexibase Tokens – rich rewards with customer satisfaction... Customer, client and staff reward schemes are increasingly popular for many businesses looking to re-invigorate relationships. Many organisations are looking to introduce or supplement existing schemes with e-vouchers. Our Flexibase Token System is designed as a comprehensive, easy-...
OpusVL MicroCloud The OpusVL MicroCloud is based on two decades of industry experience deploying critical business infrastructure. MicroCloud delivers all the benefits of cloud technology, but without the downsides, such as lack of ownership, restrictions to data access and back-up. The MicroCloud delivers full ownership with unrestricted phys...
Govstrap professional integration services Govstrap.io provides the common Government Digital Services (GDS) website theme in an Open Source bootstrap product. This enables professional government websites to be deployed in a matter of minutes by developers. Govstrap.io provides a front end framework and works on any CMS and static hosted platf...